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Without getting a tad melodramatic about this project, I'd like to offer up my thanks to the various people that have helped me out along the way.

First of all, everyone who bothered to join the Slack when I first announced the idea. This idea hatched on Twitter, and many people signed up - or expressed an interest, over there.

This ultimately lead to a very nice bunch of people getting involved (obviously they're nice, the MAJORITY of them follow me on Twitter 👀...) and many of these people are still active in the Slack channels. Aka they stuck around, for the most part.

People I wanted to single out

Whilst I'm very grateful to anyone who supported or joined the Slack (and even to the people who I think *wanted* to join but feared it might not be great for their mental health, due to the emotions you're sometimes exposed to when other people are supposedly killing it, and you're not) I did still want to thank a few people individually here.

Sidenote: This thank-you page was actually an idea I stole from Joe Clarke, a lovely freelance copywriter with one of the nicest sites I've seen. And I've seen a few!

Dan Rice - Dan kindly created a few graphics, and even pitched in with an idea for a logo when I'd asked for members to contribute. He's been a source of help when required and has also been very happy to advise on some of my diversity issues - or the lack there of. This is something I'm still working to improve, which leads me nicely to...
Dan Rice

Areej AbuAli - Areej was someone I've followed and looked up to for a while now, largely based on her pro-active stance on helping to bridge diversity and inequality issues within the SEO community. She's the driving force behind Women in Tech SEO, and seems to work relentlessly to champion this very worthy cause. I reached out to Areej to ask for advice, and she was more than happy to help give some pointers as to helping create a more diverse Slack.

Areej Abuali

Kirsty McCubbin - Kirsty was one of the first to get involved with the Slack when I first mentioned it. I think some people can be a great catalyst to encourage others to join, and thanks to Kirsty's reputation as a seasoned affiliate marketer I was very pleased to have her on board. She was happy to be the first member I interview for the site, which was no mean feat (I'm less Michael Parkinson, more Karl Pilkington when it comes to interview technique).

Kirsty McCubbin

Adam Brown - Thanks to our now legendary conversation, which has been immortalised for eternity here on the homepage of NotAnotherSlack, I pulled out my finger and setup the Slack group. Whilst I may suffer a little from the old idea diarrhea, I do believe I'm capable of decent ideas now-and-then. Sometimes I fail to act on them. Because Adam sounded keen when I suggested the Slack, I proceeded with gusto - such is the value of his opinion. So, thanks Adam!
Adam Brown

Danny Ashton - Having someone of Danny's stature and calibre in the Slack was a really big motivation when I'd announced the project, and he's done a great service by bringing along some of his colleagues or other connections who have also been able to really help the community. It's not bad having someone like Danny around sharing outreach ideas when it comes to link acquisition for your side project too!
Danny Ashton

Dan White - Dan might be scratching his head a little at being included here (I hope he doesn't mind!) but I think that if he didn't create the DMU (a Slack for freelancers/consultants to come together and discuss all things related to being a better, happier freelancer), I probably wouldn't have setup NotAnotherSlack. He opened my eyes to the possibilities of a well-run Slack group. To top it off - he's a lovely person, and I think more people should know of him, and his abilities (he's a great SEO as well!) 
Dan White

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