For people who are serious 

about their side projects

what's this all about?

NotAnotherSlack came about from your standard, Wednesday afternoon Slack convo with a fellow SEO. It was along the lines of:
slack chat
(Adam was also very quick to tell me that this animation, which 
took me way too long to complete, is in fact upside down 🤬🤬🤬)
Born in July 2021 based on a burning desire for me to get my own side projects off the ground, and to become internet-famous, NotAnotherSlack was created.

Initially the seed idea had been shared on Twitter and the idea snowballed from there. People signed up in their tens (yes, really) and we now have a small, but cosy group, of side project-eers.

We consider ourselves as a safe space for people to come and chat everything related to the creation, building and running of a side project - regardless of it's size, or of your ambition.

There are no egos, no few arguments - just fellow homo sapiens helping each other to escape that metaphorical rat race and get their side project up and running.
I may have angered quite a few people by announcing the new Slack group but then refusing to "open" the 
doors for several weeks (I went on holiday).



We're a friendly bunch - you might recognise a few faces from the SEO community below.

We've all got our own side projects on the go, and love to share progress in the group.

Ash young

The man behind (oh yeah and the co-founder of digital agency Evoluted)


Kirsty mccubbin

Kirsty is well known within the affiliate community where she runs a network of successful sites on a full-time basis, making use of PPC and SEO to multiply traffic (and revenue!).

luke jordan

Luke has a decade of SEO and YouTube experience, and is currently working on an info site that he's grown to more than one million visitors per month.


Nikki is a technical SEO manager and runs an LGBT website as a side project and has plans to build out and monetise additional sites.


Jake is the founder of Sheets for Marketers and is an all round great person, sharing incredibly useful and digestible tips on scaling content (and more) in the slack group.

Laura mcdonald

Laura is a digital marketing consultant and runs her own agency, as well as having various side projects on the go. She likes to keep busy!

danny ashton

Danny is the owner of side projects ToyZone and HouseFresh, as well as being founder of NeoMam Studios.


Maret is an Inbound Marketing Consultant and loves her SEO! She also has a few side projects up her sleeves which she's been building up in her spare time.

mark porter

Mark works for a little known SEO agency and SEO tool provider called Screaming Frog. He's also got some cracking little side projects on the go.

There are of course many more members inside the Slack who are working hard to build their own side projects. This is just a selection of a few of those faces you might already recognise from the industry. 

As part of NotAnotherSlack we plan on featuring our community members as much as possible to give them a platform to share the story behind their side projects.

This will include a mini-interview series where we get to learn more about their side projects!

How to join

step 1 - ASK me for a link: @matttutt1 on twitter

Step 2 - i'll share an invite to access the Slack.

Step 3 - ???

STEP 4 - Profit

🏳️‍🌈 I'm trying to ensure this is a 100% safe space for all members of the group, regardless of your colour or gender.  🏳️‍🌈

side project 

active members:



Questions about NotAnotherSlack - just what exactly is it? 🤔
You're in the right place. If you have further questions just send me a message.
How much does it cost to join NotAnotherSlack?
Great question! It doesn't actually cost you a penny. Yes that's right. I've got got a great business acumen so I've kept it free, so as to encourage everyone to join and participate. I didn't want price to be a barrier to starting, or growing, a side project. And - as David Brent once famously sang, "🎤 Money don't make my World go round, I'm reaching out to a higher ground 🎤" .  
Are you mad?! It must take you ages to moderate and manage the Slack, let alone sort out all the marketing, building out the website, keeping members happy, running any social channels, and all that jazz?!
*Breaks down in tears*  
Some of the more cynical members of the Slack have suggested that you've done this in a bid to learn more about growing your OWN side projects. Is there any truth in that?
Next question please, move along.
Why isn't there a more diverse range of people in the Slack? There appear to be an awful lot of white men here...
Yes this is right, and I'm trying to encourage more Women, non-binary or genderqueer, and non-white people to join the Slack. I'm always open to suggestions, or help, in attracting people who have been under-represented in the field of search marketing/SEO.
I have a few side projects but I struggle finding the time to invest in them. Can you help me?
Whilst I can't physically create a copy of Bernard's Watch (great TV show in the 90's) for you to take advantage of, I do think there are some tactics and strategies that can help ensure you're putting enough time into your side projects. Obviously without putting any time of effort into them, not much is going to happen to them. We are also looking at accountability partners - finding someone to hold you accountable to putting X hours into your side project per week or month.
I don't have a side project/side hustle right now - can I still join?
Yes you can but you're going to need one to benefit from being a part of the group! We do have an #ideation channel that helps to get the ball rolling - other members can help you to come up with a new idea. For some of us this is a really fun process, determining those niche topics that could help you to get started.
My side project is a total FAILURE and I'm ashamed of it. It's earning me less than $5 per month. Can I still join the Slack?
💯 - welcome to my world! A big part of setting up this Slack was to ensure it's a safe space for EVERYONE, regardless of the state of their side project. Whilst there may be side projects earning $5 per month (or less), there will equally be ones earning thousands of $ per month. And that's OK - this isn't an ego fest. Whilst we celebrate our wins, we're keen to ensure we celebrate every kind of win, no matter how small. TLDR - yes you can join - everyone is welcome.
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